Glass Granules.

Glass Granules are also known as Glass Aggregates, Glass Chips or Crushed Glass in global market. Best Source offers Glass Granules in various colors and sizes.

Mirror Granules.

Mirror Granules are also known as Mirror Aggregates, Mirror Chips or Crushed Mirror in global market. Best Source offers 4 types of Mirror in various sizes. Black, White, Grey and Double Sided Mirrors.

You can choose one of the Best Source Mirror Granules for your design needs.

Sea Shell

Sea shells are also known as Mother of Pearl Aggregates. Best Source See Shells are one of the most popular Shell Chips in the Guangdong province in China.

Color is constant, reflection is perfect and the price is the most reasonable.

 Recycled Content:

Best Source Glass and Mirror aggregates are a minimum 98% to 100% recycled. Our products are perfect for any green building project.


Best Source Glass and Mirror aggregates have vibrant, transparent colors that add to any design. Our aggregates are unique to our company and are colored completely through and not painted. Best Source Glass aggregates accomplish dazzling effects not found with other aggregates like marble, metal, plastic chips, or crushed scrap glass.

Double Sided Mirror:

Best Source Double Sided Mirror has been developed that achieves a look not found in any other aggregate. We have taken our already sparkling colors and added a silver coating to them. When silver-coated colors are ground in application, the color reflects back a jewel-like color with intense clarity. This effect can be put on almost all of our standard colors. This is a premium-priced, special-order product.


Best Source Glass and Mirror aggregates are non-porous and resistant to most acids. The hardness and abrasion resistance of glass aggregate exceeds that of many traditional materials used in construction material industry. It wears well with a range of hardness of 4.5-6 on the MOHS hardness scale. Our glass and mirror may be used as the only aggregate in a specific production or it may be combined with natural stones to give a particular color accent.


We have samples of our standard colors available. Please contact us.